Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

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Soigner Pharma has quickly entered the well-respected category of top pharma franchise companies in India. This has been a successful journey because of the extremely delightful and professionally satisfying experience of working in the pharmaceutical sector.

According to Brand Equity Foundation, a trust established by the Government of India through the Department of Commerce of the Ministry of Commerce for promoting Made in India all over the world, India’s pharmaceutical sector is going to touch the level of US$ 45 billion by 2020. This means the sector has a unique set of opportunities and challenges. Call: +91-9888163636, +91-7696263636

PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

A Chance to Earn and Serve Society

At Soigner Pharma, the best pharma franchise in India, we want to share these opportunities with willing and enthusiastic individuals and enterprises through our offering of PCD pharma in India. The challenges continue to be handled through the constant expansion of our network of associates to a greater number of locations so that medicines are accessible to each and every person who is in need of them. We take pride in the fact that we have been able to expand the pharmaceuticals we manufacture to a greater number of categories. These include syrups, injectables, tablets, drops, etc. meant to be used as analgesics, antibiotics, gynecological drugs, and so on.

We are also humbled by the fact that this nation is a very vibrant place of innovation. A number of top pharma franchise companies in India have progressed beautifully at their work and given each other a healthy dose of competition so that everybody involved in this sector is encouraged to innovate more. There has been a deep focus on quality and continuous investment in bringing in better and more effective drugs to the market. We can take a brief look at some of these companies which offer PCD pharma franchises also.

Top PCD Pharma Franchise Companies in India

List of Leading Pharma Franchise Companies in India

Cipla Limited

With the headquarter in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, Cipla is an Indian multinational company which has built a great reputation across the globe for its pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. It is present in 100 countries where it has consistently maintained high standards in quality of medicines as well as in professionalism. As an Indian company, Cipla has brought a lot of goodwill for India’s technological expertise. It has innovated in a number of categories such as the anti AIDS drugs wherein it has made available drugs at a fraction of the cost which is charged by global giants.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals

Its headquarters is also in Mumbai. It has a self-professed goal of delivering generic medications of superior quality. It has a one of its kind research and development facility in Pune and is one of the premium manufacturers of anti-infectives and cardiovascular drugs. The company gives highly focused attention to maintaining a culture of innovation so that it can enhance the affordability, variety, and accessibility of drugs to every corner of the world. The company has a high level of expertise in manufacturing active pharmaceutical agents which are procured by other drug manufacturers throughout the world.

Arlak Biotech

Arlak Biotech is a Chandigarh based one of the top pharma franchise companies in the country with a vast network of people and firms associated with it through PCD franchises, spread across the country and especially in north India. The company has focused on introducing new molecules in the market so as to keep pace with the demands of the market with the passage of time. It sticks to the most stringent of quality control and assurance measures throughout its state-of-the-art facilities. Besides providing preparations in the categories of dental, dermatological, tablets, drops, syrups, etc., Arlak Biotech is well known for psychiatry drugs manufacture and supply.

Soigner Pharma

Soigner Pharma is a leading pharmaceuticals company which is headquartered in Chandigarh. Its thrust towards manufacturing certain key drug formulations has helped it to add to its big basket of products being offered. The company has invested its energy in launching a range of nutrition supplements and other wellness products to ensure an all-around and holistic healthcare portfolio that caters to both the general and specific needs of the body. Valuing life as sacred and the central thing in the world, Soigner Pharma offers budding entrepreneurs and motivated individuals to deepen the reach of essential medicines in India.

Healthkind Labs

Established in 2011 Healthkind Labs is a popular manufacturer of pharmaceutical products. It supplies and distributes quality drugs in the categories such as tablets, injections, oral suspensions, anti ulcerants, pediatric drugs, ayurvedic medicine, etc. The company is energetic in its pursuit of the goal to make quality drugs available at affordable prices to the billion-plus population in the country and contributes to this endeavor through the offering of pharma franchise to firms and people who are looking to establish a long-lasting, successful and socially contributive enterprise.

Medrix Pharma

Medrix Pharma is one of the top PCD pharma franchise companies in India which is well known and for its quality products and the dedicated priority that it invests in public health. It’s a Chandigarh-based company comprising 500+ associates and 80,000 health professionals across the nation. They are known for the patient-centric approach. They have their own successful products list which had served all the needs and wants of the patients. The company offers PCD pharma franchise opportunities throughout India.

Biophar Lifesciences

The company offers a wide range of Soft gels, capsules, Tablets, and Syrups. The company has ISO Certified and GMP compliance Units. They believe in serving the clients to formulate guidelines that allow them to promote their products in the market, and further increasing their presence.

Aurobindo Pharma

Founded in 1986 reflects the vision of Mr. P.V Ramaprasad Reddy, Mr. K. Nityananda Reddy, and a small group of highly committed professionals. It becomes a public company in 1992 and listed its shares on the Indian stock exchange in 1995. They have a presence in key therapeutic segments such as neurosciences, cardiovascular, anti-retroviral, anti-diabetics, gastroenterology, and cephalosporin, among others. They own 9 units for APIs / intermediates and seven units for formulations. They are renowned among the top 10 companies in India. Company exports to over 125 countries across the globe. This company is approved by leading regulatory agencies such as USFDA, EU GMP, UK MHRA, South Africa-MCC, Health Canada and Brazil ANVISA. One of the largest filers of DMFs and ANDAs from India.

Swisschem Healthcare

Established in 2015 and in a short time Swisschem Healthcare has emerged as one of the top players in the pharmaceutical industry. They act as a prominent manufacturer, suppliers, and traders. The company deals with a high-quality range of Pharmaceutical Tablets, Capsules, Injections, Ointments, Gels, Syrups, Proteins, and Powders, etc. They have established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in the heart of Chandigarh (Baddi) Name of Ultratech Pharmaceuticals. They have their own machinery to ensure hassle-free production. They deal with highly qualified chemists shortlisted on the basis of their credibility and past track record. The company has the aim to save lives and wants to eradicate the roots of diseases and illness.


Glenmark is recognized as a leading player in the discovery of new molecules both NCEs (New Chemical Entity) and NBEs (New Biological Entity). Own 17 manufacturing facilities and 5 R & D centers. They comprise a dynamic team of professional and dedicated employees from across 50 nationalities. They have a focus in the areas of Oncology, Respiratory, and Dermatology. The company’s aim is enriching lives across the globe.

Soigner Pharma’s Specialty and Uniqueness

Top Pharma Franchise Companies in India – Soigner Pharma views the provision of drugs for all as a birthright and seeks to put in its share in making that right a reality. Medicine is something that anybody can need at any time in life and what is most important is that not only is it available but also accessible and affordable for everyone, rich or poor. This is central to the general belief that life is supposed to be protected and nurtured.

At Soigner Pharma, the entire team of scientists, experts, managers, and staff treat life as a sacred value and work on this belief. It is for this reason that we maintain world-class facilities which have the latest technology and equipment for manufacturing pure and quality drugs exactly as per the specifications.

We also do third party and contract manufacturing within the stipulated time while sticking to the requirements of the client so that one who is once our client is always our client. Besides this, a few of the many reasons that make Soigner Pharma a leading choice for PCD Pharma franchise in India are:

• ISO 9001:2008 and GMP certification
• Freely available support and assistance for clients and distributors at any time
• Not only medicines are manufactured but also products for health and nutrition
• Easy and smooth integration into the client’s supply chain
• Premium and superior quality medicines
• Highly qualified, experienced, and technically best experts
• Manufacturing facilities with the latest technology
• Provision for monopoly rights for professionally managed enterprises

3rd party manufacturing pharma companies in India

Pharmaceutical Sector and Pharma Franchise – An Endless Ocean of Opportunities

Regardless of the number of players in the pharmaceutical sector, it is definite that the need for quality medicine is always going to be there. Ethics and quality are the most crucial requirements in the field of pharmaceuticals because the health and lives of real people are at stake. India is a huge market and this is a well-known fact. We are hopeful that we at Soigner Pharma will successfully play our part in providing medicines and health products to the vast population of India while giving an opportunity to members of the society to work and earn in the process too through our PCD pharma franchises.

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