Pharma Franchise for General Medicine
Pharma Franchise for General Medicine
May 21, 2018
PCD Pharma Franchise in Tripura
PCD Pharma Franchise in Tripura
May 31, 2018
PCD Pharma Franchise in Maharashtra

PCD Pharma Franchise in Maharashtra

Soigner pharma is the fastest growing PCD Pharma Company and has established its name in the list of the top prominent Companies in Indian pharma industry. We are striving to make our way to reach the apex level by serving mankind with our quality products and by contributing in the pharma industry. We are known as the supplier and manufacturer of the finest drugs.

We are looking for skilled people who can dedicate themselves in our business opportunity that we are offering to all experienced people from pharma industry to have their own business. One can be a monopoly distributors, medical representatives, Pharma distributors and wholesaler for our PCD pharma franchise in Maharashtra.

In recent year there is lot of demand of pharma formulations and are expected to grow more in coming time. It is a good step to invest in PCD pharma business. People always look for a venture that comes with less risk and competition. Soigner pharma is the best place for such investment, it offers no neck- cut competition and risk, and one can spend its hard earned money in Soigner pharma without any worry.

PCD is better known for Propaganda cum distribution and consider having the simple and easy procedures to build up your own pharma network in any city of India. Soigner pharma is one of the top leading companies in Maharashtra. We are known for our ethical and transparent deals. We are associated with a number of pharma drugs and are a licensed company that only provides tested and satisfactory drugs.

PCD Pharma Company in Maharastra

Why choose Soigner Pharma in Maharashtra?

We are here in this business since a long time and have earned much reputation and respect for our immense satisfactory performance with the customers. We believe in quality and always keep a check on it. We manufacture drugs and medicine that never affect your health or safety.

Therefore the best way to invest in Pharmaceutical Company is by going for a proper certified and licensed company. We offer complete assurance in that portfolio.

Why go with Soigner Pharma Franchise Company in Maharashtra?

Soigner Pharma is not only offer franchise of various pharma companies but also help in foster our clients. One of the top PCD pharma company in Maharashtra, we strive to provide the right kind of guidance to our associates in helping their business.

We are known for our excellence and honesty, that’s why we have many satisfied clients throughout the country. Below are some of the highlights of our PCD pharma franchise business-

• We are associated with best in business pharma companies. We always look for GMP certified units when it comes to manufacture.
• We are at apex today and we maintain high level of professionalism. We provide timely delivery, from injections to capsules; we deliver each and everything on time and care.
• We provide marketing items such as MR bags, ASM bags, visual aids, LBL, reminder cards.
• Soigner pharma always keep its associates updated with the latest news related to the PCD pharma franchise company they have owned. This helps, associates to plan their business development in much better way.
• We provide best in class products at affordable prices.
• Always ready for rendering support and service.
• Offers complete monopoly rights.
• FSSAI certified genetics and drugs.
• We wrap our products with attractive packaging.
• On time delivery of the consignment.
• We offer attractive gifts for doctors.

Benefits of being part of Soigner Pharma franchise:

Soigner pharma presents some major key points that turn the balance in its favor. Some are of noteworthy features are –

• We offer only certified GMP units.
• We deliver any order within 24 hours with an excellent delivery service.
• We deal with products manufactured according to GMP certified and make sure to maintain the quality of the products.
• It provide you opportunity to be your own boss
• Less investment required that means low risk involved.
• Near to home business unlike other pharma jobs.
• Good income, the more you sell the more you will earn.

This is your chance, to join with us. Soigner Pharma is one of the fastest growing companies currently. Connect now and get great offers for getting the successful business in the pharmaceutical sector. We provide the best support and PCD business to all our associates in the country.

Development in PCD Pharma Franchise in Maharashtra?

Mumbai is the capital city of Maharashtra is known as the economic capital of India. Since there is an increase in demand of pharma products, pharma business here is developing at a steady rate. Mumbai contributes large share in India’s pharmaceutical sector.

The population in Mumbai is high; therefore a steady and good growth is expected. Moreover, the pharma industry is expected to grow by 25% by 2o25. The living standards and income of middle class are rising which is good for the pharma business. Hence, investing in pharma franchise is good option to opt for.

It will bring u good return and profits in near future. Grab this golden opportunity and start your business today.

Advantages of Soigner PCD Pharma Franchise

One can get many benefits by joining Soigner pharma. You can get better exposure through our advertisements and will be get to access our newest technology and approved new drugs & formulations.

We are in partnership with the top biomedical distributors and major medical health care centers .By Being Our Franchise you will get following advantages.

• Rate of products on competitive net Rates.
• Samples, Visiting Cards, Product Cards, Visual Aids, M.R. Bags, Pens, Pads, Drug Manuals and Gift Items Provided.
• Free gift schemes and promotional schemes.
• Complete marketing rights on monopoly system for allotted area.
• Customization of prices as required for bulk purchases.

Range of Products in Soigner Pharma –

Here take a look at the following range of medicines that we provide:

1. Tablets, capsules, etc.
2. Soft gelatin capsules
3. Oral suspensions
4. Syrups
5. Sachets
6. Injection medicines
7. Creams etc

Eligibility criteria

• A minimum 3-5 years of experience in selling.
• Minimum investment required 3 to 4 lacs.
• You should be a registered or experienced pharmacist.
• You should have a valid Drug License No. (D.L.) Number and Tax Identification Number (TIN), Goods and Service Tax No. (GST).

Contact Us

Name: Soigner Pharma
Address: SCO-5,6, Wadhwa Nagar, Near Hotel Sunpark
Zirakpur (Chandigarh)
Phone Number: +91 9888885355, +91 8194883636

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