Soigner Pharma – Premium 3rd Party Manufacturing Pharma Company & Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Company

We at Soigner Pharma have made it a principle to multiply the availability of medicines and health and nutrition products to the millions of people who need them. Our basic belief is that quality is the most important parameter for a drug. Along with this, we have invested in developing mechanisms that allow drugs to be affordable too. To share our expertise and be of benefit to mankind, we collaborate with companies looking for 3rd party manufacturing pharma companies in India.

Simple, Easy and Customized Contract Manufacturing

Depending on the needs of our clients, we are fully equipped with world class facilities to deliver pharmaceuticals adhering to the specifications and highest standards of quality. The labeling is designed and approved as per the requirement of the client, custom made to highlight the unique brand value of the client. The time taken to start, process and finalize a contract manufacturing deal so that production can begin for timely delivery of products is highly streamlined and smooth.

Custom Labeling Solutions for Business

Soigner Pharma provides third party manufacturing facility for reputed pharmaceutical players. We try to make the outsourcing activity easy & flexible for our partners in pharmaceutical industry, by performing following activities that include:

  • We offer contract manufacturing of Tablets, Capsules and Syrups.
  • Depending on your needs, our services include purchasing of raw materials, production, packaging and quality control.
  • Through this flexible approach, we are able to integrate perfectly into your supply chain.
  • Looking forward to partnering for a mutually beneficial working relationship and a strategic alliance.

Why Contract Manufacturing Makes Strategic and Economic Sense?

Soigner Pharma has an unmatchable record among 3rd party manufacturing pharma companies in India. We assure you that 3rd party manufacturing makes real business sense from an economic and strategic point of view. Let us summarize a few of the true benefits that you can have below:

  • Minimize investments in capital intensive equipment, machinery and premises
  • Optimize the production cycle
  • Focus on core competencies and marketing
  • Get reliable supply of quality products without the hassles and headache of manufacturing
  • All products are analyzed and released by our quality control staff before shipment.

The Advantages of Choosing Soigner Pharma

There are a number of reasons for you to choose Soigner Pharma from among all other 3rd party pharma manufacturers. We are listing a few here:

  • Contract manufacturing of tablets, syrups and capsules of any specifications that you want
  • We have a time tested and fully functional logistics and supply chain network for meeting all your needs
  • We can purchase raw material for you and also handle the packaging and labeling- all that you want is done while sticking to the highest standards of quality
  • We stick to the timelines; we take our deadlines very seriously.
  • Products delivered are exactly as per the specifications
  • A 24/7/356 support to resolve any issue that you have
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