How a PCD Pharma Franchises is Different from a General Pharma Franchises

How a PCD Pharma Franchises is Different from a General Pharma Franchises – There is a different business model in the Pharmaceutical Industries that means you have ample choices for a career in the pharma industry. When we enter the Pharma industry, we often heard words like PCD, Ethical, and General Pharma Franchise. These all are almost the same but still different from each other some aspects.

The main difference between PCD Pharma and General Pharma Franchises are their marketing strategies and size. For detailed knowledge, you can read more.

Actual Difference between PCD Pharma Franchise and General Pharma Franchise


Area of sale highly depends on the rights you get from your franchise provider. As PCD Pharma can be started from a small scale, so most of the time, an area under PCD Franchises is smaller in size. On the contrary, General Pharma has a wider range of area for the distribution. Hence, it needs higher management skills to start.

So if you are new to this industry, we suggest you do not fall under the pressure of high management criteria. Hence, you can start from a smaller range of distribution, so you can PCD Pharma Franchise for that.


As PCD pharma are smaller in size, hence it demands small investment and small management team as well.

Therefore, small invest ensure no risk of loss and failure. You can recover small investments easily. Whereas, General Pharma is big in size and needs a huge workforce to take your business to the heights. If you have experience in this field then you may start with the General Pharma Franchise.


As we still discussed, General Pharma Industries demands experience of at least 10+ years. Whereas PCD is small in size, a fresher can also start it with less experience and less investment.


Product Catalog is maintaining your product list. And if you choose small PCD Franchise, then obviously managing PCD catalog is easier.

Whereas, latter demands higher managing skills and good software to manage the product lists and distributor lists. So choose according to your budget and preferences.


PCD franchises promote their products with the help of Doctors then distribute their products with the help of resellers and stockists. Hence you need to maintain a huge network with the doctors.

Whereas, Generic Pharma Franchise, can sell their products directly to the chemist or resellers.


Hence, we can conclude that as an entrant, one should invest in PCD Franchise. As it demands lower investment yet ensures you higher ROI and stats of risk are also lower n this case.

So if you are thinking of taking a PCD franchise, you can join with Soigner Pharma PCD franchise providers. Soigner Pharma will provide you the access to the quality products and ensures your unconditional support as well. To contact Soigner Pharma contact us at

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