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Aceclofenac & Paracetamol Suspension


ZIMFE P is the fusion of two formulations; Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Suspension This syrup is used to treat mild – to – moderate pain caused by cramps, menstrual periods, headaches, aching joints, osteoarthritis, and fever.

Aceclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medication that helps to reduce or relieve slight pain and shows +ve effects on cartilage anabolism combined with modulating effect of matrix catabolism. 

Paracetamol is an antipyretic that is often used to treat fever, it is effective in curing weak anti-inflammatory activity which overcomes the combination of aceclofenac, thereby enhancing the overall efficacy of the product as a whole.

Together Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Suspension act by inhibiting the function of chemical messengers that cause pain, fever, and inflammatory symptoms such as redness and swelling.


Absorption: Aceclofenac: Rapidly absorbed; almost 100% bioavailability; peak plasma levels reached about 1.25-3 hours after oral admin.
Distribution: Aceclofenac: >99.7% bound to plasma proteins; distributes into the synovial fluid. Paracetamol: Distributes throughout most fluids of the body.
Metabolism: Aceclofenac: Probably metabolized by CYP2C9; average plasma elimination
Half-Life: 4-4.3 hours. Paracetamol: Mainly metabolized hepatically; plasma elimination half-life: 1-4 hours.
Excretion: Aceclofenac: About two-thirds of the administered dose is removed in the urine, mainly as conjugated hydroxy metabolites. Paracetamol: Most metabolites are removed from the urine within 24 hours.

Precautions For Aceclofenac And Paracetamol Suspension

Take aceclofenac with food; ideally, during mealtime. This will prevent your stomach from negative effects including indigestion and stomach discomfort. Before taking this medication take proper consultancy from the physician.

Side Effects Of Aceclofenac And Paracetamol Suspension

Although Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Suspension is an effective solution for pain and fever, this medication has some side effects which may occur while taking this suspension. Thus, be aware and inform the doctor if these below-mentioned side effects become worse.

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Stomach pain
  • Loss of appetite
  • Heartburn
  • Diarrhea

Contact For Aceclofenac And Paracetamol Suspension Manufacturing And Supply

Soigner Pharma is a well-known pharma company that has ISO certification and has been constantly working on providing people with a healthy lifestyle. We are involved in dealing with quality DCGI and FSSAI approved products. Soigner Pharma is a well-known Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Suspension manufacturer and supplier. We manufacture the products according to the WHO and GMP criteria that help us match the quality of the product with the products at the global level. We are also offering a PCD Pharma Franchise for  Aceclofenac and Paracetamol Suspension.

  • Cutting-edge technology is being used at premises for manufacturing the top-quality products.
  • Our all equipment gets oiled and serviced by our technicians to receive outstanding output.
  • The logistics team delivers the products in a given time by adhering to strict safety measurements.
  • Our manufacturing plant is located in the duty-free zone that makes the deal more affordable.
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