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PHARMACODYNAMICS: – L-ORNITHINE & L-ASPARTATE INJECTION is the composition of the injection belonging to the brand ZIGSILY which is used for treating liver disease. The liver disease including acute and chronic hepatitis, fatty liver, jaundice, etc are treated with the help of the composition of the injection. The instilling of the composition of this injection ensures to protect the liver from damage. 

L-aspartate is a precursor which helps in the synthesis of proteins, oligopeptides, purines, pyrimidines, nucleic acids, and L-arginine. L-aspartate is a glycogenic amino acid, and it can also promote the production of energy by performing metabolism in the Krebs cycle.

INDICATION: – This medication is a stable salt of the amino acids ornithine and aspartic acid, prescribed for the treatment of high ammonia levels or severe liver impairment. It is also used for end-stage cirrhosis. The composition of the injection helps in making the person comfortable as it treas liver disease. The harmful chemicals which affect the liver are blocked and prevented with the help of this medication. When the harmful chemicals are blocked then the liver is protected from getting damaged. Both the supplements of the medication are helpful in treating liver infections. Liver infections including fatty liver, jaundice, etc. are treated with the help of this medication. After the instilling of the injection in the vein or the muscle, the person feels comfortable with liver problems. 

Directions For Use

The person is advised to get the composition of this injection instilled from the nearest healthcare center. The healthcare professional or the expert would instill the injection in the vein. The person is advised not to instill the injection on his own. 


Although the injection is instilled by the healthcare professional still the person can suffer from the side effects which are as follows :

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Abdominal pain

Precautions To Be Taken

Before the instilling of the injection the person is advised to consider the following precautions :

  • Before instilling the injection the pregnant woman is advised to consult the doctor and should undergo the treatment only if suggested by the doctor.
  • To avoid further liver complications the person is advised not to consume alcohol. 
  • It is advised to tell the doctor if the person is taking any other medication to avoid the interaction. 
  • The person who has undergone liver impairment is advised to consult the doctor before undergoing the treatment. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What special advice should the person follow while undergoing the treatment of L-ORNITHINE & L-ASPARTATE INJECTION?

As the injection helps in curing the liver problems so the person is advised to get the functioning of the liver checked on a monthly basis. 

  1. What diet and lifestyle are to be followed during the treatment?

To make the composition of the injection effective the person is advised to prohibit the consumption of alcohol as well as to quit smoking. Exercising regularly to maintain a balanced weight is preferred. It is advised to cut down the amount of sugar, fat, and salt. To make the liver healthy food rich in fiber is to be included. 


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