How Much Investment Is Required To Start PCD Pharma Company?

Pharma Franchise Opportunity

Minimum Investment To Start a Pharma Company – If you want a stable career and still thinking how to start a pharma franhise business or how much investment is required to start PCD pharma company, so don’t worry we have a complete solution for your investment plans. Pharma companies are growing with each passing day and the business with PCD Pharma Company is always beneficial.

We all want to earn the profit in the shortest period of time but to earn profit first you need to invest your money to start a business and establish it for that extent. The questions come in every individuals mind that what is the investment required to start a pharma company? Don’t worry we are here to give you the complete answer on how much investment is required to start PCD pharma company in India. Investing your money to set a company with low-risk factor is a big challenge but investing your money in pharma business is risk-free and profitable because the demand of the pharma products is never going to discontinue.

Minimum Investment to Start a Pharma Company

What Minimum Amount Will be Sufficient for Investing Purposes?

Your business can be small or medium we mean to say that it totally depends on your budget whether you want a medium or small business. The minimum investment to start a pharma company in India will depend on the market conditions. Below are the lists of expenses you need to invest your money to establish a medium or small PCD pharma company:

• Consultant
• Including cost to set up a manufacturing plant
• Investing money on Infrastructure and machinery.
• Identify your target market and feasible land where you want to investment
• Identify the category of drugs on which you want to invest as per the demand because there are thousands of products in the market.
• Investing money on manpower who delivers the best services to the customers.
• Promotional activities and marketing to increase sales.

Documentation, Licensing, Certification & Minimum Investment To Start a Pharma Company in India

For starting a trusted pharmaceutical company needs licensing and approval from different authorities. These are the one-time Investment which can be done once before establishing the company.

• Estimate cost is around Rs. 5000 to get Drug License Number.
• Estimate cost is around Rs.4500 to get Tax Identification Number (TIN).
• Food Safety & Standard Authority of India (FSSAI): Rs. 100 annually for registration.
• Estimate cost is around Rs 8000 to Rs.9000 to register your company under Private limited Company Registration.
• Trade Mark per product or name will cost an aggregate of Rs. 4500 as government fees and advocate fees respectively.

Factors Which Help to Influence Your PCD Pharma Company to Run a Profitable Business

There is an end number of pharma companies in the market who deals with the same but factor which helps to differentiate your PCD Pharma Company is your services and promotional activities. Once you started dealing with pharma products it becomes your responsibility to give excellent services to your customers for establishing your brand name and gain trust.

Second factor i.e. Promotional & marketing activities. It is one of the most important factors which can influence your PCD pharma business to run smoothly. Promotion of your company name and products will help to increase awareness amongst people which results to increase your sales.


We hope this article on How Much Investment Is Required To Start PCD Pharma Company? has helped in answering your question about the minimum investment to start a pharma company in India. So get in this business which is having a great scope in future. To know more about the pharmaceuticals business you can contact us anytime at the below given details.

Soigner Pharma- The Top Pharmaceutical Company in Pharma Franchise Investment

Soigner pharma is one of the top ISO certified pharma franchise company in India. It offers you best quality WHO-GMP certified drugs and medicines for PCD pharma franchise including injectables, syrups, tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, powders, health supplements etc. Now soigner pharma is offering PCD pharma franchise in 22+ states in India.

• The minimum investment is Rs. 30,000 to 40,000 to buy the first stalk of the product including promotional tools like cards, notepad, pens, calendars, brochures, product description etc.

• You should be a registered or experienced pharmacist.

So if you are planning to invest your money then soigner pharma is one of the best pharma companies to start your business. Contact- +91-9888163636, +91-7696263636  or drop a mail at-

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