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Digestive Enzyme Supplement

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M.R.P: – 45


Fungal Diastase a medicine that is used for the treatment of starch degrading enzyme and other conditions :-

The complete  lists of uses and indication for fungal diastase  is as follows :- Fungal degrading may also be used for . PaPain used as a digestion aid and for treating parasitic  worms , inflammation  of the throat and pharynx , shingles ( herpes zostar ) symptoms ongoing diarrhea , hay fever , runny nose and a skin condition called psoriases . PaPain  is also used along with conventional treatments for tumors . Papain  is taken from the fruit of the papaya tree Papain medicines . Papain used for pain and swelling ( inflammation ) as well as fluid  retension  following trauma and surgery . Papain  uses as a digestive aid and for treating parasitic worms, inflammation of the throat and pharynx, shingles ( cherpes zoster )  symptoms ongoing  diarrhea hay fever , runny nose , and a skin condition called psoriasis . Papain is also along with conventional treatment  for tumors. Diastase disintegrate the starch and convert it into maltose . Diastase that acts a catalyst  in the breakdown of carbohydrates to transform it into an easily digestible  form . Diastase   known as to aid the process of digestion and other gastric function . Fungal diastase used for digestive disorders, starch degrading   enzyme other conditions.Fungal diastase and papain  used for the treatment  of sore throat and throat swelling digestion , herpes zoster starch degrading enzyme and other condition.

                            MECHANISM OF ACTION

Fungal diastase enzymes function to catalyzes the breakdown of starch into maltose . Distase a starch + liquiuefying enzyme , principally alpha- amylase , derived from  porcine pancreas glands . Papain a proteolytic enzyme extracted from the raw fruit of the papaya  plant . Protelytic enzyme help   break proteins  fragments  called  peptides and amino acids. This is why papain  is popular ingredients in  meat . Papain  is taken  from  the fruit of the papaya tree. Papain  used to make medicines . Some people take  papain  by mouth for pain and swelling ( inflammation ) and to remove extra fluid following trauma and surgery. Diastase among the group of enzyme that function by breaking down starch into a  mixture  of  diasaccharides  and trisaccharides maltose containing 1-4linked glucose residues and into oligosaccharides or dextrins containing 1-6 linked glucose residues the drug is used for digestion related treatments like acid indigestion epigastric distress, flatulence  and sour stomach.  


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Fungal Diastase 30 mg & Papain 10 mg

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15 ML


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