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Semethicone an anti- flatulent  medicines used to reduce excessive gas in the stomach and relieve the symptoms of stomach discomfort , abdominal pain and flatulence . Semethicone   used to relieve symptoms  of extra gas caused by air swallowing or certain foods / infaint formulas . Semethicone helps break up gas bubbles in the gut . Semethicone allows gas bubbles in the stomach and intestine to come together more easily which allows for easier passage of gas . Semethicone used to relieve painful pressure caused by excess gas in the stomach and intestines . Semethicone used to treat the symptoms of too much stomach acid such as stomach upset, heartburn and acid indigestion . Dill oil used for digestion problem  including loss of appetite . intestinal  gas ( flatulence) , liver problem and gall bladder complaints . Dill oil is usually used for digestive problem s such as constipation , loss of apetite  and indigestion . Dill oil also has a claming and smoothing  effects that helps reduce nervousness and relieve anxiety and depression . Fennel seeds oil have a number of vitamins and minerals . Fennel seeds are great  source of nutrition , and there are numerous health benefits of fennel seed oil helps relieve a number of ailments and facilitates better health due to its stomachic , carminative , antispasmodic , anti –inflammatory , antimicrobial , expectorant  diuretic , fennel seeds contain vitamins-c , potassium , manganese ,iron, floate and fibre . Fennel oil helps in indigestion , bloating , flatulence ,constipation , colic , intestinal  gas  heartburn and even irritablebowel. Health benefits of fennel  seeds also include  combating obesity . Sucrose provides your body with the energy  required to perform physical and mental  functions . Body breakdown  food  such as sucrose and   starch into fructose and glucose during digestion . The fructose and glucose  are metabolized by your body to release energy to your cells. Sucrose  commonly known  as “table sugar “ or “ cane sugar”  occurs naturally in most fruits and vegetables.


Semethicone works by changing the surface tension of gas bubbles in the stomach and intestine . Semethicone an anti- foaming  agent  used to reduce bloating , discomfort or pain caused by excessive gas . Semethicone an anti –gas medication . Semethicone acts in the stomach and intestine to change the surface  tension  of gas bubbles, enabling their breakdown and formation of large bubbles this causes  them to combine  into large bubbles that can be passed more easily . Dill oil  works for digestive problems such as constipation , loss of appetite and indigestion . Dill seed might help relax muscle other chemicals might be able to fight bacteria and increase urine production like a “ water pill” . Fennel oil works as a natural fat buster by boosting the metabolism and breaking down fats . Fennel seeds suppress the appetite and create a feelings of fullness . Fennel oil specifically  helps in digestion , bloating , flatulence , constipation , colic , intestinal gas heartburn and  even irritable bowel . Sucrose  provides  your body with the energy  required to perform  physical and mental function  your body breaks foods such as sucrose and starch into fructose and glucose are metabolized by yopur body to release energy to your cells.

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