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Paracetamol , Phenylpherine HCL , Chlorpheniramine, Caffeine Tablets


            BRAND  NAME :- XYLID-PC

              COMPOSITION :-  Paracetamol  , Phenylpherine HCL  , Chlorpheniramine, Caffeine  Tablets    


MRP :- 650                                                  


Paracetamol  a pain  reliever and a fever reducer . Paracetamol  used to treat many condition such as headache, toothaches , muscles aches , arithritis , backache,  colds & fever . Phenylpherine used for the temporary relief of stuffy nose , sinus and ear symptoms caused by the common  cold , flu, allergies  or other breathing illnesses ( e.g sinusitis,  bronchitis) . Clorpheniramine an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy , hay fever and the common cold . These symptoms  include rash, watery eyes , itchy eyes / nose/ throat / skin ;cough, runny nose &   sneezing . Caffiene is most commonly used to improve mental alertness, but it has many other uses. Caffiene used by mouth  or rectally in combination called erogotamine   for treating migrane headaches.


Paracetamol to reduce the intensity of pain signals to the brain . Paracetamol may also prevent the release  of substances called prostaglandins , that increase the pain & body temperature . Phenylpherine  a nasal decongestant that provides   relief from nasal discomfort and it works by reducing swelling of the blood vessels in the nose . Chlorpheniramine  reduces the effects of natural  chemical histamine in the body . Caffeine increases energy metabolism throughout the brain but decreases at the same time cerebral blood flow inducing a relative brain  hypoperfusion ( a reduced amount of blood flow).


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