Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India

Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India– These days people are suffering from various muscular issues, muscle spasm is also one of them and other joint issues. Associated issues are also treated by the Antispasmodic Medicines which are highly demanded since the people use this medicine for treating various muscle issues and also stomach cramps. This medicine is widely used for various health concerns, even doctors also recommend this medicine for treating issues. Due to high demand in the market many pharma companies, distributors and businesses are seeking the Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India. Therefore many pharma companies are introducing medicines for spasmodic and bowel syndrome. They are most commonly used to treat irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.

Most Popular Brands For Antispasmodic Medicine

Being highly proficient in the market we have come up with the Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India to make people aware about the quality products for business purposes. We have seen that many pharma professionals search for this medicine since people in our society are demanding medicine for joint pain, stiffness, cramps, stomach muscles pain and many others. Moreover, after researching various companies’ products we bring this list to treat its symptoms. So, take a look at the treatment for muscle spasms and other muscular issues in the body.


Composition: Aceclofenac, paracetamol, and chlorzoxazone tablets

Aceclofenac, paracetamol, and chlorzoxazone tablets are used to treat muscle discomfort. Aceclofenac and paracetamol are examples of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicines (NSAIDs). They work as analgesics or pain relievers by suppressing the release of chemical messengers that cause pain and inflammation. Chlorzoxazone is a muscle relaxant. Chlorzoxazone is a medicine that is used to treat muscle spasms and pain. It is usually combined with rest, physical therapy, and other kinds of treatment. It works by aiding in muscular relaxation as well as on brain and spinal cord centres to lessen muscle stiffness or spasm without diminishing strength. This alleviates discomfort and improves muscle mobility. Aceclofenac, paracetamol, and chlorzoxazone tablets work in this way to relieve muscle pain.


Composition: Flavoxate Tablets

Coraflav includes Flavoxate Tablets, which are used in the treatment and prevention of urinary tract muscular spasms. Tablets can also assist with symptoms caused by surgery, cystoscopy, or catheterization, such as painful urination, nighttime urination, and bladder spasms. Flavoxate tablets have a local anaesthetic action and produce smooth muscle relaxation as well as some activities such as the muscarinic antagonist. Flavoxate belongs to the antispasmodic medication family, which acts by relaxing the muscles of the urine bladder and relieving bladder-associated discomfort.This is one of the Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India to treat wide range of muscle issues.


Composition: Drotaverine and Mefenamic Acid Tablets

SPADSPAS is a combination of Drotaverine and Mefenamic Acid Tablets used to treat stomach pain, muscular discomfort, migraine headaches, heavy menstrual flow, renal colic pain, functional bowel problems, dysmenorrhea, and pain following surgery. Drotaverine relieves IBS symptoms, migraines, menstrual cramps, and postpartum cervical spasms. It alleviates pain from smooth muscle spasms, such as menstrual discomfort, kidney stone pain, biliary stone pain, and gastro-intestinal colicky pain. Drotaverine is an antispasmodic drug that relieves abdominal spasms produced by smooth muscle contractions. Mefenamic acid is a pain medication used to treat conditions such as period pain, headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, and tooth pain.

Colisog Drops

Composition: Simethicon, dill oil and Fennel Oil

Simethicone is an antiflatulent medication used to decrease stomach gas and treat symptoms of stomach discomfort, abdominal pain, and flatulence. Simethicone is a medication used to treat symptoms of excess gas induced by air swallowing or specific foods/infaint formula. Semethicone aids in the breakdown of gas bubbles in the intestine. Simethicone facilitates the formation of gas bubbles in the stomach and intestine, allowing for better gas transit. Simethicone is a medication used to reduce discomfort caused by excess gas in the stomach and intestines. 

Semethicone is a medication intended to alleviate the symptoms of excess stomach acid, such as stomach distress, heartburn, and acid indigestion. Dill oil is used to treat digestive issues such as loss of appetite, intestinal gas (flatulence), liver problems, and gall bladder symptoms. Dill oil is commonly used to treat digestive issues such as constipation, appetite loss, and discomfort. Dill oil also has a calming and smoothing effect, which aids in the relief of stress, anxiety, and sadness.


Composition: Etoricoxib and Thiocolchicoside Tablets

DOCRU-P is a pain reliever that combines Etoricoxib and Thiocolchicoside Tablets. Etoricoxib is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug that works by inhibiting the formation of natural substances that convey pain signals to the brain and cause inflammation and pain, such as redness and swelling. Thiocolchicoside is a muscle relaxant that works on the brain and spinal cord to relieve muscular stiffness or spasms, as well as discomfort and movement. Etoricoxib relieves pain and swelling (inflammation) in the joints and muscles of persons aged 16 and up who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, or gout.


Composition:Thiocolchicoside And Aceclofenac Tablets

ACEVNO-TC is a combination of two ingredients: thiocolchicoside and aceclofenac tablets, both of which are intended to relieve muscular discomfort. Thiocolchicoside is a muscle relaxant used for the treatment of painful muscular diseases. It is thought to act on nervous system receptors involved in muscle function regulation. It also works on the brain and spinal cord to lessen muscular stiffness and spasms, as well as to improve pain and muscle mobility. Aceclofenac is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine that works by preventing the production of pain and inflammation-causing chemical messengers.


Composition: Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Zinc Sulphate, and Magnesium Tablets 

CALCIVA-D is a combination of Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Zinc Sulphate, and Magnesium Tablets that are used to address a variety of nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin and mineral deficits. These are provided when the individual is not obtaining enough nutrients from their daily diet or is unwell. As a mixture of four minerals, Calcium Citrate, Vitamin D3, Zinc Sulphate, and Magnesium, it supplies the body with all of the fundamental nourishment it requires, which helps to treat numerous health concerns such as low calcium levels. This prescription also improves calcium absorption, which is necessary for healthy bones, and it promotes optimal growth in the future.

Thus, after considering all Top Antispasmodic Medicine Brands in India, we can ensure that these medicines can be widely used for other associated bone and other muscle cramp issues.

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